SATURDAY, APRIL 3rd 2010 at 8pm

The Kaye Playhouse

68 th Street, Between Park and Lexington Ave.
New York City

Box Office: 212- 772 4448
Info: 347-556 1137


Red: $50 / Yellow: $40


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Unique Settings
Marmara Manhattan Hotel
Lighthouse Design
Masal Cafe
A la Turka Restaurant, NY
JR Casting & Findings Inc.
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Deniz Restaurant

New York – Alevi communities, together with the kindred Bektashi order, constitute the largest sectarian minority in Turkey. They make up anywhere between 15-25% of the population of Turkey, with smaller pockets of related groups in the Balkans.

Music is an integral part of Alevi religion and culture. During their communal rituals known as cem, which are attended by both men and women, hymns, or deyiş, are recited to music on the sacred instrument called bağlama, and the ritual dance of semah is performed.

Alevism is based on the idea that the individual is the microcosm of the entire universe, and that humans are the loci of God’s manifestation.

Erkan Ogur, invented the first classical fretless guitar. He plays his own compositions and Turkish traditional music. Erkan Oğur also plays kopuz and baglama. He graduated from high school in Ankara. As a result of encouragement to be a scientist by his father, he started to study chemical engineering and continued his education in Germany. He was introduced to guitar education in 1973. Instead of being an "average" scientist, he chose to be a "good" musician. Since he needed detailed sounds from a guitar in order to
obtain Turkish melodies, he modified the guitar and invented the fretless guitar.
He returned to Turkey in 1980, and started to study in the Conservatoire of Istanbul Technical University. He had live performances with Fikret Kızılok and Bulent Ortacgil where he contributed to scene with fretless guitar. He released first album in Germany
called Arayıslar ("Search"). In 1989 he went to the USA to work with numerous local blues artists. He introduced fretless guitar into blues. A year later, he released his first album in Turkey, Bir Ömürluk Misafir ("Guest For A Lifetime"), which was ranked 4th in European lists. He still performs concerts through the world and in Turkey. He works with Kemal Eroglu on technical improvements on baglama; and continues his performances with Fahir Atakoglu and Bulent Ortacgil. He is a member of Telvin Trio and released an album called TELVIN in 2006.

Ismail Hakki Demiercioglu, Born near Rize at 195, graduated The State Conservatory of Istanbul Technical University Where he met and began performing with Erkan Ogur . Employed by Ruhi Ayangil’s Turkish Music Orchestra and Chorus. In 1987He joined the Ruhi Su Dostlar Chorus and 1998 re united with Erkan Ogur, recording and playing Divan Baglama and singing .

Huseyin Albayrak graduated from University of Istanbul, Faculty of Economics  in 1996.  He was interested in music and baglama at a very young age. 
During his University years, together with his friends whom had variety of different musical tastes and talents, formed a Turku Group called “Grup Nefes” and started performing in many venues.
He joined his cousin Ali Riza Albayrak and started to perform Anatolian Alevi Deyis as a duet in many concerts and TV programs.

Huseyin Albayrak is also an author. His first novel called Sukut-u Harf  hit the book shelves in 2007. Huseyin Albayrak lives and continues his music studies in Istanbul, Turkey. He also continues to perform in festivals and concerts in Turkey. He has also performed in many concerts worldwide such as in Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and Canada.

Ali Riza Albayrak graduated from University Of  Istanbul, Faculty of Economics in English language in 2000. He got interested in music and baglama very young.  Ali Riza joined his cousin in Grup Nefes and performed in many venues.

Later he joined his cousin Huseyin Albayrak and started to perform Anatolian Alevi Deyis’ as a duet in many concerts and TV programs. Ali Riza Albayrak lives and continues his music studies in Istanbul, Turkey. He also continues to perform in festivals and concerts in Turkey.   Together with his cousin Huseyin, has performed in many concerts worldwide such as in Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and Canada.

Cihan Celik is currently attending University Of Istanbul majoring in Archeology.  He started music at  a very early age by first playing the flute.  Later he learned to play the baglama on his own efforts.  Between 1995-1997 he took baglama lessons  from Erdal Erzincan Music center and became a baglama expert. 
Currently, Cihan Celik lives in Istanbul and continues to share his Turkus with his fans through concerts at home as well as aboard.

April 2nd Washington DC - LeftBank


"Turkce Sarkilarimiz"

April 3rd Chicago - Copernicus Center
April 4th Ann Arbor, Detroit
April 8th K Lounge, Washington DC
April 9th New York, Hiro Ballroom


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October 1994 Atilla Engin and Turquoise Weill Recital Hall at Carnagie Hall

April 3, 1999 Genco Erkal "Human Landscape" Kaye Playhouse

May 15, 1999 - MFO "Kosova Benefit Concert" at Live Club (organized by S. Ilhan and A. Sarikaya)

September 26, 1999 Turkish Earthquake, Jazz Concerts at Florance Gould Hall (organized by S. Ilhan and A. Sarikaya)
feutiring Al di Meola, Arto Tunc, Badal Roy, Mordy Ferber, A. Engin, I.lhan Ersahin, Ara Dinkciyan

October8, 1999 Ferhan Sensoy "Ferhangi Seyler" Kaye Playhouse

March 17, 2000 Z. Livaneli - M. Farandouri Concert at Town Hall (organized by S. Ilhan and A. Sarikaya)

May 6, 2000 Kenan Dogulu Concert at Culture Club (organized by S. Ilhan and A. Sarikaya with FTAA)

May 7, 2000 Musfik Kenter " Bir Garip Orhan Veli" Florance Gould Hall (organized by S. Ilhan and A. Sarikaya)

November 19, 2000 Genco Erkal "Can" Kaye Playhouse (organized by S. Ilhan and A. Sarikaya)

December 3, 2000 Arif Sag, E. Erzincan & Istanbul Orch. at Symphony Space (organized by S. Ilhan and A. Sarikaya)

April 14, 2002 Remembering the unforgotten poet" Nazim" at Kaye Playhouse
Genco Erkal, Zulfu Livaneli, Zeynep Oral, Tilbe Saran,, Stefan Kinzer, Zisan Ugurlu

(organized by S. Ilhan and G. Mimaroglu)

November 9, 2002 Musfik Kenter "Kuvayi Milliye" Florance Gould Hall

December 31, 2003 "Ilhan Sesen in NY " St.Marx Cafe

Sept. 24,25,26 2004 Jazz Made In Turkey Festival
Lincoln Center
(organized by S. Ilhan with Turkish Culture and Tourist Office)

Jan. 13-17 2005 "Ege in New York" Maia Meyhane

March 25, 2005 "Yeni Turku in NY" Satalla

May 6, 2005 "Mercan Dede in NY" M1-5

October 29-November 6, 2005 "New York Gypsy Festival"
(organized by S. Ilhan and A. Dimitrov)

November 12 , 2005 "Yasar in NY" M1-5

October 20, 2006 Ilhan Sesen in NY " M 1 -5

October 22-November8, 2006 2nd New York Gypsy Festival"
(organized by S. Ilhan and A. Dimitrov)

November 18, 2006 "Yeni Turku in NY" M1-5

September 21 - 24 2007 New York Gypsy All-Stars tour WI, Chicago and New York

December 14th 2007 Hustu Senlendirici and NYGA at Carnegie Hall School program concert

December 6th 2007 Husnu Senlendirici and Brooklyn Funk Essentials at Drom

Feb 21st Deniz Seki and Husnu Senlendirici at Drom

Feb 29th 2008 Ayhan Sicimoglu Latin All-Stars at Drom

May 17th 2008 Kurtalan Ekspres at Drom

July 16 -23 Boban Markovich Orkestar at Drom

Sept 15th James Galway and Tiempo Libra at Drom

October 11th 2008 Erkan Ogur and Ismail Hakki Demircioglu with Dunya Ansamble at Drom

September 12th 2008 Baba Zula at Drom and touring Chicago, Indiana, Madison, WI and Toronto

September 24- Oct 3 2008 Droma Gypsy Festival at Drom (Organized by Serdar Ilhan and Mehmet Dede)

December 12 2008 Ilhan Ersahin and Husnu Senlendirici at Drom

December 13 2008 Husnu Senlendirici and NYGA at Drom

December 31 and January 10th Sertab Erener in New York at Drom

April 8th 2009 Selim Sesler and NYGA at Carnegie Hall

April 9th 2009 Selim Sesler at Drom "Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Concerts Series"

June 26, 2009 Vasilis Salias and Husnu Senlendirici at Astoria

June 27, 2009 Istanbulive, SummerStage, Central Park
Featuring MFO, Painted on Water: Sertab Erener and Demir Demirkiran, Husnu Senlendirici, Vasilis Saleas, Christina Karam, New York Gypsy All-Stars, Emre Yilmaz

June 27, 2009 Husnu Senlendirici and Brooklyn Funk Essentials at City Winery

October 10, 2009 Genco Erkal "Marx in SoHo", Kaye Playhouse

December 2-12 MFO US TOUR. San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and New York